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May 5, 2012
I have started painting again instead of making paper art.

January 27, 2011
I have a cycle of ten images assembled under the title "Before The Law," a precursor to "Rumpelstiltskin," in the "REUNION: 20th Anniversary Alumni Invitational" at the McDonough Museum of Art February 18-March 18, 2011.

March 23, 2010
I am opening my website here at today, with many thanks to arcania dot net for web space.

March 14, 2010
I have uploaded a digital facsimile of my latest exhibition, "Pathetic Fallacy".

September 26, 2009
Read my Mini Interview in Fecal Face. This mini interview elucidates some aspects of the narrative stream in my work as well as some biographical facts, such as my thoughts on invisibility and anxiety.

July 26, 2009
I will have a new exhibition in March at Bliss Gallery.

June 11, 2009
My solo exhibition, "Cockroach Dreams," is being hung today at the Oakland Center for the Arts in Youngstown. Tomorrow the play "Rabbit Holes" has its opening night and you will be able to see my pictures if you go to any performance of that play. On Saturday, June 20th, I have my opening reception at the Oakland Center from 6PM until the play begins at 8PM.

May 12, 2009
I have some new stereophotography GIFs and a page for my paintings online.
In June I am having a solo exhibition at the Oakland Center in Youngstown. Check back here or there for more details.

May 07, 2009
I am redesigning this website. I have a page about my collages online that you can look at, but I am still working on the metadata for the pictures and stuff like that. I also have a page of my new stereophotography GIFs and will have a page for my paintings completed soon.

If you want to write to me, do that at: amsullivan at ysu dot edu.